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TWN Stories

TWN stories is a chance for inspiring people, especially from BAME communities, to share their unique journeys, exploring their personalised successes, challenges they’ve overcome, and to showcase their efforts that have had a positive impact in the wider community.









Lewisham Youth Mayor

Chijioke of TWN speaks to some politically engaged (woke) Lewisham residents, who are currently campaigning to become Lewisham’s newest Young Mayor!







White Student’s Views on Race

Often when discussing race it’s framed from black people’s and other ethnic minorities perspectives, but since racism is a systematic power dynamic relationship involving more than one race doesn’t it make sense to hear what white people also have to say?
In this video series, Chijioke gets deep and honest with some white people, with the hope that tangible solutions can be reached from these inclusive discussions about issues that affect us all.




Manchester Anti-Trump Protest

Chijioke speaks to Amnesty International Campaigner Pascal Checkley about his views on how we, the world, can tackle all forms of prejudice.

 4th February 2017

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