The Black Narrative is a project created by first-year University of Manchester student Keziah Doudy which equips black people with a platform to be the writers of their own stories.

Keziah Doudy, founder of ‘The Black Narrative’

In Keziah’s own words:

“Our aim is to give a voice to young black people where they wouldn’t usually have one; allow their voices to be heard in a society which too often stifles that voice,  allowing them to share their story and unique experiences of blackness to make the point that our community is a very diverse and complex one. Despite being united by our blackness, we have had different journeys, different experiences and this varying knowledge is what enriches our community further. 

We interview young black people from all over the UK, and hear their story. This project is the documentation of that journey. We hope to continue this journey to hear the stories of young black people from all over the world.”



For all inquiries and to contact Keziah:

Insta: _theblacknarrative

Facebook: theblacknarrative


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