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In January 2017 The Woke Network was borne out of frustration of the lack of online news network that represented young people from ethnic minorities & lower socio-economic backgrounds. With over 1,800 visitors TWN has established itself as an online platform for young people to express themselves. We now want to expand our mission from online to offline.

The Need

In two to three years, year 10 and 11 pupils will be given the right to vote, with no or little prior political education. We carried out primary data of questionnaires 75% of those asked said politics should a compulsory taught GCSE, reflecting the assigned value people put on political education. Although our workshops will not be as extensive as a Politics GCSE due to time, they will spur the political interests of young people; equip them with the necessary confidence and knowledge to empower them to become politically engaged citizens.

The work of political engagement workshops is needed as politics is only becoming more complicated. As time progresses, the longer one is political uneducated, the harder it will be to understand and participate in the current political climate. University taught me politics is anywhere where there is a difference in opinion. Young people need to understand this, and understand that their opinions should be valued as much as anyone else and voices should be heard, despite how seemingly small they may seem. The last 26 months has shown how exciting politics can be, from the UK’s vote to leave the EU, to Trump becoming elected, to a snap general election- it is impossible to avoid politics.

The Solution

This upcoming academic term, The Woke Network will be launching youth-led political engagement workshops to inspire young people on how to become socially aware and active citizens.

Wokeshops aim is simple: to equip young people with the necessary knowledge and confidence on how to become active citizens.

Your Help

If you are a Secondary School in London interested in receiving a free Wokeshop, a business or organisation interested in sponsoring this not-for-profit, an organisation interested in providing opportunities for young people by joining our partner network or someone who wants to help deliver the Political Engagement Workshops then please check out the below link.

To Apply: https://buff.ly/2C7D1zk


TWN Editor

Chijioke Anosike



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